Visual Arts Exhibit – National Eisteddfod, Cardiff 2008

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Cam 23 – Things 21, 22 & 23 – Podcasting, Wikis and final thoughts

I’m not sure whether we shall put a podcast together, but I have found the podcasts and Youtube videos featured very interesting, useful and in several cases very entertaining. They have certainly provided useful ideas on how to structure a presentation should we decide to put one together. Will we have audacity ? And I shall make use of the links on our own web pages. I discovered I wasn’t the first to provide a link to the Univ of Bergen video on plagiarism on our facebook page.

Presently contemplating how we can use a wiki to compile ideas on staff manuals and library guides, and am looking forward to the Teachmeet session Library Routes, I found fascinating, always interesting to read how colleagues found their route to the profession.

Thanks again to the Cam23 team who have put together such a very useful programme. I have especially enjoyed reading other blogs, picked up several ideas or tools which I am using already. But, overall, what I come away with at the end of the programme is what a tremendous pool of energy, talent, ideas, and knowledge we have in librarians and information specialists in Cambridge.

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Cam 23 – Things 19, 20, Marketing and Google Documents

I found the marketing post very interesting with the discussion about content, context, connections and conversation. Twitter, facebook, library blog, these are all tools we use to keep in touch with students, colleagues, etc. across the world, and the feedback and stats suggest a degree of success. However, maintaining all these is a time consuming business and I am concerned that the conversations don’t create an increased demand for our services which we would not be able to meet.

Google docs – a very useful tool which have been using for some time, the first occasion to work with a committee to produce a mission statement. Something which required endless drafts and google docs was an ideal way of doing this.

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Cam 23 – Things 17, 18 , Linked In and Zotero

I’m convinced of the value of building a network of contacts, and how tremendously valuable these links are.  I have setup an Linked In account and looked up a number of colleagues. I’m not sure that it is worthwhile investment of my time at the moment, creating yet another account with the consequent need to maintain and check it. Something I shall leave for the time being.

Zotero is great. I set up an account some time ago and have used it a lot, mainly to list potential additions to stock, and potential withdrawals, then creating lists in word using Harvard format.  I find there are two glitches.  Zotero only seems to work with a limited number of catalogues.  It has a good link with Amazon, and I find it works most of the time with the Newton catalogue. But using it does involve a certain amount of copying and pasting ISBNS from one source to another to download records.   The other drawback is that I have found it difficult to insert classmarks. I have got round this by incorporating  the library classmark for a title at the end of the publisher statement.  The record for each book then ends with the classmark when it’s exported into word. Any useful tips from anyone else on this ?

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Cam 23 – Things 14,15 & 16 – Library Thing and Facebook

I investigated Library Thing, set up and experimented with and account and found it a jolly useful tool. I like the way it downloads images of bookcovers, and it would be very useful if I could use it to list selected acquisitions on Facebook. Is there a way of doing that I wonder ?

I set up a Facebook account for the Marshall Library quite some time ago and I think it’s a useful way of keeping in touch in an informal way with current students and alumni. This week’s Facebook post mentioned that we have 257 users and received 522 visits this last week.  I have put up a range of info, including links to the Library blogs, info about closing times, and links to a number of things including videos of the “Harrods Sale” rush for books for vacation borrowing. Incidentally, we recently had a request just a few weeks ago from a former student who wondered whether he could have a copy of the 2003 /4 video of the vacation borrowing rush for books as he wanted to refer to it in a best man’s speech.  Both he and the groom and presumably a number of their friends were front runners that year and were captured on film.  We were able to tell him that students’ had copied a number of these videos to Youtube.

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Cam 23 – Things 13 – Reflection

I am now sprinting to catch up with the Cam23 programme which is now up to Thing 23 and I am on 13, another 10 to go.  So this a half way stage, a break to reflect on the “things” covered so far. It’s a fascinating programme,  and although I have used pretty much all the “things” covered so far, it’s useful to have more information on how colleagues have used them professionally. What’s been especially useful is the discussion in blogs on the software and additional ideas, e.g.   checked Ange’s reference to and have found it particularly useful. Also, the get together sessions, thank you Kirsty and Andy for your help with WordPress. I’m looking forward to the next 10 things as I know some of these will be new to me. Is there one more “thing” I would be happy to recommend ? I’ll cover it in a blog to come.

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Cam 23 – Things 12 – Explore Delicious

I’ve been using Delicious for a number of years, and have now set it up on machines at work and at home.  I find it extremely useful, so that I can find again those article I found interesting and relevant, and also as a searching tool, seeing what others have found on the same subject.  I was interested to read how the Judge and other libraries have used it with links from their webpage. I guess the key thing, when setting up delicious account for the Library webpage  is anticipating what tags users would use, and then being consistent.

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Cam 23 – Things 11 – Slideshare

I had not come across Slideshare before and find it a marvellous resource.  The links on the  Cam23 blog to library related presentations very useful. I find it’s always a good idea to see how other people do things, compare practices and  perhaps pick up new ideas. Colleagues may find the Michael Cairns presentations on the publishing industry of interest.

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Plastic Logic abandons long-delayed e-reader

An article in the Financial Times today states that Plastic Logic, the company founded in Cambridge by Professor Richard Friend of the Cavendish Laboratory, has abandoned its planned e-reader called Que which was an A4 sized device for business readers. The article mentions that the market for e-readers has altered significantly since the launch of the Apple ipad.  The company is planning to switch its focus to a successor to the Que. The FT, among other companies, had agreed to distribute content on the Que.

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Cigarette vending machines converted to sell books

“The repurposed machines carry a series of condensed novels, photo books, graphic novels and collections of poetry by local authors — all designed to be exactly the same size as a packet of cigarettes. The idea is to get people into the habit of reading as opposed to smoking” . What an interesting idea. Click here for the article.

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